Specials pricing supersedes normal prices



This bundle consists the SSI wreck and advanced wreck courses spread over 6 dives (3 days) which is two more than the minimum to give you the most comprehensive course possible. GoDive believes that penetrating a wreck requires advanced skills and this course reflects that. At the end of this course you will have the certifications to run a reel through a wreck in the light zone as well as the experience of doing so in an actual dive. Nitrox certification can be added with no extra dives for an additional $200. If you wish to continue on to TDI advanced wreck, which removes the light zone restriction, then it would take another 3 days and 6 dives and the training would have no extra cost just the cost for accommodation at our dive lodge which is $255 for 3 days.



If you love to dive, then this is for you. Go Dives five most popular specialties have been bundled together, offering you a huge saving with flexible scheduling, allowing you to complete the dives at your leisure on any of Go Dives Lermontov or Picton based dive tours over a 12 month period.