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If you are a keen diver, have difficulty finding a buddy to dive with, or your budget restricts your diving, then you need to check out the Go Dive Club. Membership is automatic for folks learning to dive with Us. Membership applications are open to anyone wanting to join. Benefits include free Scuba equipment rental for the first year of membership on Go Dive Club and Go Dive Pacific dives, up to 30% off Go Dive Pacific locally based dives, including the Mikhail Lermontov wreck, access to our Lodge in Port Gore, discounts of equipment purchases through our Picton Dive Center and discounts on air fills and equipment servicing.
Club Membership Fee: To join the club we ask for a one off fee of $195.00, to maintain yearly membership all you need to do is join us for six days or more of diving in total for the year, and of course follow safe and conservative diving practices.
Family memberships 50% off for family members.

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