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Go Dive is a proud dealer of Otter drysuits UK for over 15 years.

The two most popular models are the Britannic MK2 and the Atlantic. The following is from Otter.


The Otter Britannic MK2 Telescopic is a strong suit made of robust armor skin material. This suit is suitable for every type of diver. Whether you are a recreational or professional diver. This super tough suit is manufactured in flexible armor skin now as std and new style telescopic body with neoprene crutch strap slider. You can add plenty of extras for this suit to be custom to yourself.


The new standard in exploration grade Drysuits our New Otter Atlantic Drysuit. Seamless underarm pattern for more flexibility, Telescopic body with crotch strap and front entry zip for easy entry/exit of suit. This HD Atlantic is made from the Armour skin/Britannic material for more durability. This suit also comes with large velcro pockets, Strong internal braces and also our new turbo boots with ankle straps, the Atlantic also has the latest Trilaminate material what makes it more comfortable to wear it before, during and after your dive.

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