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Learn to penetrate wrecks beyond the daylight zone using reels and proper techniques.

Advanced Wreck Diver: Welcome


Wrecks hold a powerful allure to the diver, whether due to the increased biodiversity of marine life they attract or the mystery and tragedy behind their sinking. It is perhaps unfortunate though that most divers have no understanding of the hazards and dangers that lurk within the peaceful beauty of a sunken ship.
Wrecks like caves and other overhead environments, continue to be the environment most likely to claim the life of the untrained diver in a preventable accident. Generally, wreck divers come in three varieties: the traditional wreck diver who swims the outside of a wreck observing the grace of the nautical structure and the diverse marine life, as time goes by, the divers confidence builds and the mystery of what’s inside becomes more than the diver can resist. At some point, many divers will take a limited penetration course like the SDI, SSI or PADI wreck specialty and exercise their wreck diving ability by swimming through open passages and perhaps the wide open holds of a cargo ship. Still more time goes by, the diver builds more confidence and now the mystery of the dark forbidden and restricted passages begin to have an irresistible pull.



The Advanced Wreck diving course prepares divers for this third level of wreck diving. It introduces you to and shows you how to deal with the potential hazards of deep penetration, like lost line, lost buddy, disorientation and lose of gas, we will focus on mastering perfect buoyancy control & trim, finning techniques and signals both visual and  tactile.

For any diver serious about surviving deep wreck penetration this is a must do course. Prepare to be challenged, the Advanced Wreck course will test you in many ways.

The course is run over 4 days at our Dive Lodge in Port Gore and includes 6 training dives on the Mikhail Lermontov and one or two orientation assessment dives for those who haven’t dived a technical configuration before..


  • Minimum age 18

  • Minimum certification; SDI/SSI or PADI  Basic Wreck Specialty or equivalent

  • Show proof of 50 logged dives.



Reservations: Please book in advance to ensure we are available on your preferred dates.
Minimum Experience Rating: Advanced adventurer or advanced open water with 50 dives and wreck specialty.
Course Includes: Four Nights accommodation and meals at our dive lodge in Port Gore.
Number of dives: The TDI advanced wreck course includes a minimum of six dives, or four if combined with advanced nitrox and decompression procedures.
What to bring: Warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, appropriate dive equipment (can be rented)



Four nights accommodation and meals at our Dive Lodge in Port Gore.
Four days diving on the Mikhail Lermontov with cylinders and weights included.

Go Dive Pacific's Wreck Diving Guide

TDI Certification Fee

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