Take the 3 hour ferry and 2 hour drive out of the equation and instead take just half an hour to fly into Port Gore!

An example Weekend with times and extra information.

  • Depart Wellington Airport 6pm -> arrive Port Gore 6.30pm -> transfer over to the Lermontov Lodge -> meal waiting on arrival.

  • Next two days, two dives a day on the Lermontov or Port Gore reefs. Third day depart Port Gore at 7.30am, arrive Wellington at 8am.

  • Weight limit on charter flight of 130kg per person - includes combined body and luggage weights. Package includes cylinder, air fills and weights.

  • 3 people minimum

  • Nitrox available on request, non-divers welcome.

  • Try Scuba available for those who don’t dive and would like to give it a go.

Three day, four night trips or longer are also available on request.